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Why Customer Love Us ?

This is my go to supermarket when I’m in Cairo. It’s my Egyptian version of Costco, in the States. It can serve as pretty much a one stop shop. In addition to grocery, they sell various household items: appliances for the kitchen, outdoor items for gardening, grills; other household items, such as towels, bedding, pillows, etc. Items are displayed in an organized manner, it’s clean, there’s always someone to help. We love the deli here for cold cuts and cheeses. There’s also a counter for pickles, which are so yummy! It’s pricier than other stores, so if you’re looking for deals this isn’t exactly the spot for it. It’s convenient to shop in and parking is never an issue there’s underground parking away from the heat of the sun which is a plus!

Yasmein El Hussainy

Specious hypermarket where u can find fresh fruit & vegetables, I love their freshly baked bakery from baladi & shamy bread, croissant & pâté

Mona Yacoub

Everything u need in one place and affordable prices unlike other supermarkets Has everything literally u won't get hassled and u might buy some stuff u don't need Staff are amazing and very helpful want to help is what I want to describe difinitly my one and only groceries shopping place and might go for fun

Abdulelah Nadrah

Great hyper market store in Cairo. Large selection of both local and international imported products. Highly recommend for expat community. They also sell appliances, BBQ, outdoor furniture.

Suresh Devnani (The Happy Doctor)

One of my escapes, and I'm still loving to take my Turkish coffee there. They also has great offers ever.

Mahmoud Gad

Big variety of merchandise, serves hot and cold drinks and snacks, resonable prices, free underground car park, easy access to store from parking area, I love it 😍

Marcos Moien

Wonderful supermarket has Nearly Everything inside imported stuff and local stuff great variety nice prices nice atmosphere nice place to spend time in while enjoying shopping

Naglaa Helmy

Oscar deserves an Oscar and indeed grand it is! The store is huge and, despite it's large size, it offers every variety of foodstuff in a very modern and attractive way. There's even a section for hot meals, offering from 1-5 pm various meals (vegetables in s light tomato sauce, stuffed aubergines and pepper, pasta Al forno, grilled chicken, rice, molokheya).

John Iscandarian

A very nice, clean & organized market. Reasonable prices, a wide variety of goods (local and imported), good customer service, includes sections for fresh fruits and vegetables, a butcher & fresh sea food and a bakery. Overall, a very nice experience.

Eslam Ayman

Huge variety of products with variety of prices from low to high Staff is professional and helpful More and more products each and every time

Mohamed Waleed

Huge variety of products with variety of prices from low to high Staff is professional and helpful More and more products each and every time

Mohamed Waleed

Very clean place. Has various products. The products are so fresh and very well presented.

Shaimaa Kilany

Oscar groceries and supermarket, fresh meats, fruits, bakery, cooked food and raw marinated meats, of all sorts. Imported products and asian foods

Lamiaa Aboushady

There goods are really low price and good quality. Thankyou. Keep it up ❤️

Rushi Jayasinghe

Perfect store. Clean and organized. Very helpful vendors. Quick service. All items have clear prices, onshelf. Thanks!!! It was a very good experience. It wasn't the first and it won't be the last.

Ghada Awad

Very clean store, you can find whatever you need. The staff is very professional. They have many offers. Prices are very reasonable. They have very nice cakes and bakery, so if you’re stuck at planning for gatherings, just go there and you can find sweet and savory varieties.

Mariam Rezk

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